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For Aero-Hose, the equation is simple. Bring together a team of highly-skilled, experienced people and arm them with the resources to provide world-class service.
When it comes to bringing your aircraft or spacecraft to full-power:
Aero-Hose Corporation offers quality products with industry-leading service for the Aviation, Defense and Aerospace Industries. Combined, the members of the Aero-Hose team have over 250 years of experience in the Aerospace hose industry. The foundation of Aero-Hose Corporation is based on one common goal: Service our customers.
With over 15,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space:
Aero-Hose offers a complete line of hose assemblies and related products. From low pressure rubber hose to complex, multi-bend hose-tube combination assemblies, Aero-Hose has the expertise and industry knowledge to support an endless array of requirements.



Corporate Office, Manufacturing
and OEM Sales

1845 Town Center Blvd # 140
Orange Park, FL 32003
Phone: 904-215-9638
Fax: 904-215-9671
Contact: Joe Lemieux, Jr.
E-mail: jlemieuxjr@aero-hose.com

U.S. and International Commercial Sales

Phone: 904-215-9638
Fax: 904-215-9671
Contact: Joe Lemieux, Sr.
E-mail: jlemieux@aero-hose.com