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  Aero-Hose Corporation is a manufacturing hose assembly and related product distributor servicing the Aviation, Defense and Aerospace Industries.
  Mission Statement:
  "Aero-Hose’s mission is to support our customers with world-class service and quality products at a fair price. We are dedicated to establishing ourselves as the premier fabricating distributor of Aircraft/Aerospace hose assemblies and related products".
  Main Objective:
  Aero-Hose Corporation offers quality products with industry-leading service for the Aviation, Defense and Aerospace Industries. Combined, the members of the Aero-Hose team have over 250 years of experience in the Aerospace hose industry. The foundation of Aero-Hose Corporation is based on one common goal: Service our customers.
  Phone: 904-215-9638 Fax: 904-215-9671