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Aero-Hose, Corp.

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Aircraft Hoses: Aero-Hose, Corp. (an aircraft hose supplier) is a globally recognized premier Aerospace hose assembly manufacturer offering a complete line of hose assemblies and related products from low-pressure flexible hoses to complex, multi-bend hose-tube combination assemblies. Built on a foundation of quality, service, and integrity, these attributes have been the pillars of Aero-Hose's success since its founding in 2004.

Combined, the members of the Aero-Hose, Corp. team have over 300 years of experience in the Aerospace Hose Industry. The mission of Aero-Hose, Corp. is based on one common goal: Service our customers.

With over 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its Orange Park, FL location and forward stocking locations globally, Aero-Hose, Corp. offers a complete line of hose assemblies and related products. From low-pressure rubber hose to complex, multi-bend hose-tube combination assemblies, Aero-Hose, Corp. has the expertise and industry knowledge to support an endless array of requirements.

Founded in 2004, Aero-Hose, Corp. is an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs, manufactures and/or provides a variety of fluid/gaseous conveyance assemblies and related products for use in the Aerospace, Military and Commercial Industries.

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PTFE Smoothbore
AS1055 Type IIa & IIb
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Integral and Slip-on Firesleeve

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Aero-Hose, Corp. manufactures and distributes quality products for the Aerospace, Military, and Commercial Industries.
Aviation Hose Supplier and Aircraft Hose

Aero-Hose, Corp. is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified company that Designs, Manufactures, and/or Provides a Variety of Fluid/Gaseous Conveyance Assemblies, Aircraft Hoses, Aerospace Hose and Related Products for use in the Aerospace, Military and Commercial Industries. In addition, Aero-Hose, Corp. is also NADCAP certified to AC7123. Aero-Hose, Corp. is the #1 Aero Hose Shop.

What our aero hose shop customers say

It has been a privilege for us to partner with the team at Aero-Hose, Corp. since 2008. Aero-Hose's superior quality, cost-effective products are matched with top-notch customer service and punctual on-time delivery track. With their vast knowledge, they are quick to respond to any challenges with amazing turnaround time. I highly recommend Aero-Hose, Corp. being a valuable resource for any dynamic company.

Aero-Hose, Corp. is an exceptional company that offers quality products with continuous on time delivery. Customer service is professional and extremely responsive and will always do whatever it takes to meet critical customer needs. The long term partnership we have with them has been a key to the success of my company programs.

Aero Hose, Corp. is a wonderful company. Customer service is Top Notch. You can’t beat their customer service. So many times they have helped us out of tight situations due to their short lead times. I do not know of a time that I needed something that they were not able to help me. They’re on time delivery and quality are outstanding. love working with Aero-Hose. They take care of you the customer. Best supplier I have ever had.

The 10 hoses arrived and have been received. You have made a number of people very happy for the expedited delivery. This will make the next milestone of a very visible program to be completed well within the demand and move the entire project closer to its completion. You have gone above and beyond with your great work to support these hoses.