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Hose Service Life and Service Intervals

Hose Service Life

Due to the variety of operating conditions and applications, the user/client, through their own experience, analysis, testing, and review of maintenance records, is ultimately responsible for decisions surrounding replacement hose assemblies and assuring that all performance, safety, compliance, and warning requirements are met.

Unless otherwise directed by user or airline maintenance procedures, OEM maintenance manual instructions, Federal Aviation Administration advisory circulars or airworthiness directives, and or other related maintenance documents, it is recommended that hose assembly maintenance and or replacement be conducted on an “on-condition” basis.

Hose Assembly applications should be thought of in three general categories:

  • Normal Duty Hoses
    These are hose assemblies in less demanding applications, such as in-body, in-wing, or other applications not normally exposed to the environment, continuous temperature extremes, heavy pulsation, etc., and having infrequent maintenance actions commonly associated with their installation.
  • Moderate or Heavy Duty Hoses
    These are hoses exposed to more frequent maintenance activity or major system removal or hoses occasionally exposed to environmental conditions.
  • Demanding or Severe Duty Hoses
    These are hoses routinely or continuously exposed to environmental, cleaning, or other harsh operating variables such as EDP hoses, landing gear brake hoses, etc., and associated with major systems requiring regular removal, repair, or overhaul.

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