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We are pleased to announce that Caden Sullens has accepted the position of Junior Program Manager at Aero-Hose. He will be responsible for growing sales and managing customer relationships on the Sales Team.

Caden has over three years of experience in Quality/Manufacturing and previously held a Strategic Sourcing Specialist role at Medtronic. While there his responsibilities included the transfer of program information and responsibilities to commodity teams and manufacturing locations in meeting program goals. We look forward to having him as part of the team. Please join me in welcoming Caden Sullens to Aero-Hose!

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Discover your future with Aero-Hose, Corp. at our job fair on August 24 and 25 from 10 am – 3 pm. Engage directly with our team, learn about diverse roles, and take the first step towards a rewarding career.

As part of Marmon Holdings, Inc. (owned by Berkshire Hathaway), Warren Buffett described us as our kind of company. We are seeking to fill positions in our Orange Park facility including Production Support, Data Entry Administrator, and Tooling Repair Technician. Aero-Hose is located at 1845 Town Center Blvd, Ste 140 Orange Park, FL

Don’t miss this exclusive dynamic workforce and shape your path
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The school year is off to a great start thanks to the generosity of our team during our Back-to-School Drive. Backpacks and school supplies were donated to benefit the children in our area.
We wish everyone a happy and safe 2023-2024 school year!

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The Aero-Hose, Corp. team is attending the 66th edition of the Annual Air Carriers Purchasing Conference. Join our Director of Business Development Morgan Williamson at booth 615 to discuss Aero-Hose’s portfolio of products and services for commercial applications.

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Brandon Davis is focused as he presents the direction for the next 3-5 years of Aero-Hose’s strategic vision during last week’s meetings in Cape Cod. Day two presented a renewed focus on how to plan for the future and the collaboration among the Marmon Metal Services teams was insightful and rewarding. Craig C. McCall, Psy.D. with Executive Leadership Partners guided us perfectly as we created a clear path going forward.
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Beach Cleanup Charity, Aero-Hose style!

Beach clean-up, Aero-Hose style! Saturday was our first, “Aero-Hose in the Community” event as a group of us pitched in to help clean up Black Rock Beach. Hopefully, the people who saw us out there were inspired to help make the world a better place.

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240 series lightweight high pressure

When selecting a hose and tube assembly partner for military aircraft applications, quality, service and performance are critical. With its aerospace pedigree, Aero-Hose, Corp.’s products undergo rigorous testing and quality verifications. With decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of assemblies manufactured, Aero-Hose, Corp. is the ideal partner for critical applications.

From standard fuel and hydraulic lines to complex hose/tube combinations, Aero-Hose, Corp.’s products are found in military aircraft throughout the world. Whether the aircraft is used for combat, troop transport, aerial refueling or any other critical application, when choosing Aero-Hose, Corp., quality, service and performance are never a question. With an endless array of hoses to fit any pressure, a variety of end fittings in a multitude of materials and configurations, and sleeving options for extreme heat or high chafe installations, Aero-Hose, Corp. is the ideal partner.

Titeflex R160 (240 SERIES)
The 240 Series is a lightweight high pressure 3000 PSI (207 Bar) aerospace hose qualified to AS1339. The hose consists of an extruded smoothbore PTFE innercore, reinforced with CRES 304 wire braid in a single layer on sizes -04 through -10, or a double layer on sizes -12 through -24. The PTFE innercore is conductive and provides excellent chemical resistance through a temperature range of -65°F to +400°F (-54°C to +204°C) with unlimited shelf life.

The pre-tensioned braid gives 240 Series hose the tightest bend radius of any metal braided high pressure PTFE hose. The standard fitting material is CRES, but titanium is also available for weight savings. Fire protection per AS1055 Class A & B can be either integral or slip-on AS1072 firesleeve. Chafe sleeves are available in a variety of integral or slip-on materials.

Hybrid assemblies combining flex hose with multi-bend tube are a Titeflex specialty and provide improved vibration dampening, ease of installation and maintenance over strictly rigid tube from sizes -16 to -24: less than AS1339 rating. For more information on these products and much more, please visit our website at www.aero-hose.com

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Offering PTFE Hoses in a Variety of Configurations

STS Aerospace offers PTFE hoses in a variety of configurations. Our hose inner core is available in smooth bore and convoluted, conductive (Carbon black added) and non-conductive. We offer a variety of wire braid hose with standard reinforcement, with specialty materials available. We also offer RTPE-covered hose for chafe resistance and silicone-covered hose for heat and fire resistance. Alternate braid materials include Nomex-braided convoluted hose and Kevlar-braided high-pressure smooth bore hose. We also provide an Annular Metallic Convoluted (Metal) hose, meeting the stringent requirements of AS1424 type 2.