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Category: 130 Series Hose Assembly

R101 (130 Series) Hose Assembly
A medium pressure aerospace hose assembly qualified to AS1946 and MIL-DTL-25579. The hose consists of an extruded smoothbore PTFE innercore, reinforced with CRES 304 wire braid in a single layer on sizes -03 – 12, and a double layer (Z) on sizes -16 – 24. Operating pressures range from 1500 PSI (104 Bar) in the small diameters to 1000 PSI (69 Bar) in the largest diameters. PTFE provides excellent chemical resistance over a temperature range of -65ºF to +450ºF (-54ºC to +232ºC) with an unlimited shelf life. Standard fittings are CRES (Class I) or aluminum (Class II). Fire protection per AS1055 Class A & B can be either integral (RM/RF), or slip-on AS1072 firesleeve. Hybrid assemblies combining flex hose with multi-bend tube are a Titeflex specialty and provide improved vibration dampening, ease of installation, and maintenance over strictly rigid tube. Chafe sleeves are available in a variety of integral or slip-on materials.

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