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Tag: Titeflex R157

Titeflex R157 (660 series) is a heavyweight 3000psi (207 bar) aerospace hose assembly qualified to as604. The hose consists of an extruded smoothbore ptfe innercore, reinforced with multiple layers of cres 304 wire braid. The ptfe innercore is conductive and provides excellent chemical resistance through a temperature range of -65of to +400of (-54oc to +204oc) with unlimited shelf life. The 660 series is especially suited to applications with significant impulsing, and outputs from hydraulic or pneumatic pumps. Standard fittings are cres, however titanium fittings are also available. Fire protection per as1055 class a & b can be either integral, or slip-on as1072 firesleeve. Chafe sleeves are available in a variety of integral or slip-on materials. Hybrid assemblies combining flex hose with multi-bend tube are an aero-hose, corp. Specialty and provide improved vibration dampening, ease of installation and maintenance over strictly rigid tube.

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